Since arriving in KAUST in 2021 we have secured competitive funding in excess of US $2.2 million. Between 2010 and 2021, we raised >£3.5 million for the lab through competitive grants.

Grant NameAgencyProject TypeFunding Period
Unusual protein kinase fusions: new avenues for research on plant–pathogen interactionsKAUSTResearch Grant2023-2026
Understanding and harnessing genetic diversity from the wheat progenitor Aegilops tauschiiKAUSTResearch Grant2022-2025
Identification of resistance genes in wild emmer wheat 2 Blades and USDA-NIFAResearch Grant2020-2023
Open Wild Wheat Consortium gene cloningJohn Innes CentreCapacity Building2019-2020
Cloning and characterization of stem rust resistance genes2Blades FoundationResearch Grant2019-2020
Understanding and exploiting genetic diversity in wheat for yellow rust resistanceBBSRC iCASEPhD Studentship2020-2023
Complete assembly procedure resistance gene enrichment sequencingJohn Innes CentreCapacity Building2019
Minimizing Egyptian wheat yield loss to disease through resistance gene enrichment breedingNewton FundResearch Grant2018-2020
Safeguarding our daily bread from wheat blastBBSRC iCASEPhD Studentship2018-2022
A platform for rapid wheat disease resistance gene discovery, cloning, introgression and testingJohn Innes CentreCapacity Building2017-2018
A multi-R gene stack for durable resistance to wheat stem rust2Blades FoundationResearch Grant2017-2018
Recruiting resistance to Septoria tritici blotch disease from wild relatives of wheatBBSRC Doctoral Trainingship ProgrammePhD Studentship2017-2020
Characterisation of a UK stem rust race and identification of its effector complement by mutational genomicsJohn Innes CentrePhD Sponsorship2019-2020
Open Wild Wheat ConsortiumJohn Innes CentreCapacity Building2016-2017
Open Wild Wheat ConsortiumBayerCapacity Building2016-2017
Speed cloning: rapid cloning of valuable disease resistance genes from crop wild relativesNorwich Research ParkResearch Grant2016-2017
Global Chalenges Research Fund Data & Resources - John Innes CentreBBSRCCapacity Building2016-2017
Accelerated cloning and characterization of a wheat adult plant resistance geneMonsanto Beachel-Borlaug International ScholarshipPhD Studentship2016-2020
Speed breedingJohn Innes CentreCapacity Building2015-2017
CEREALPATH - training in innovative and integrated control of cereal diseasesEU - Horizon 2020Research Grant2015-2019
A novel two-dimensional complexity reduction approach for cloning genes from complex genomes by mutational genomicsJohn Innes CentreCapacity Building2015-2016
Rapid identification of disease resistance genes from plant genomes by resistance gene enrichment sequencing of EMS-derived susceptible mutantsBBSRCResearch Grant2014-2017
A multi-R gene stack for durable resistance to wheat stem rust2Blades FoundationResearch Grant2014-2017
Cloning stem rust resistance genes by mutational genomicsUniversiti Putra MalaysiaPhD Studentship2013-2017
Engineering resistance to Black Sigatoka disease in bananaNorwich Research ParkPhD Studentship2012-2016
A pipeline for rapid cloning of stem rust resistance genes effective against Ug99 from wild diploid wheat relativesBBSRCResearch Grant2011-2014
Development of genomic tools to assist isolation of novel resistance genes from wheat relativesThe Genome Analysis CentreCapacity Building2011